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As a top level of information security provider, NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd. assists our client companies in establishing IT security indispensable for a network-based society. We also provide consulting services on optimal security measures, outsourcing services for security management, security diagnostics and evaluation, as well as our security solutions SecureCube series. In terms of management and technology, we navigate the customer to the best solution and beyond. We provide various solutions to resolve information security issues to major companies in a wide range of businesses such as financial sections, insurance -distribution, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, telecommunication, media as well as public services.
Consider our best navigation and solutions for your information security. We are the one to provide you the best.

What's New

October 31, 2014
Organizations are Centrally Aware of Only 50% of Their Own Website(s);
Call for Reconsidering Inventory Management - Cyber Security Trend - Annual Review 2014 -
[PDF] Cyber Security Trend - Annual Review 2014 PDF
July 3, 2014
NRI Secure to be the first Japanese corporation offering PCI DSS Assessment Services outside Japan
September 17, 2013
Keywords for protecting organizations from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks
- Triage, security awareness, and defense-in-depth- Cyber Security Trend - Annual Review 2013 -

[PDF]  Cyber Security Trend - Annual Review 2013 PDF
July 31, 2013
[PDF]  IIJ and NRI Group Form Strategic Alliance in Corporate IT Solutions Market
--Their first effort will be to strengthen cooperation in the information security sector--
April 5, 2013
NRI Secure and Proficio Form Strategic Partnership to Lead the Next Generation of Managed Security Services
October 1, 2012
North American branch has moved to Irvine, CA.